Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MEN make music

In Perth it is Festival time!! I visited the Festival Gardens of the Perth International Arts Festival on Sunday night to see MEN. It was most amazing!

cd and poster that i purchased on the night
I danced non-stop, and was literally in the front row - I could touch the stage from where I stood! It was mind blowing getting to see JD Samson up close, performing and dancing and smiling! And a few of us stayed after the show and had a conversation with JD!!! It was an experience of a lifetime for me.

These photos taken by a most awesome friend, and rad dancer, Alex. Thank you Alex!

Their music is political, with roots in Riot Grrl and Punk music, with more of an electronic bent now. You might like this song - I do!

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  1. I miss Perth! Sounds like you had an awesome time Lex, I am super jealous! :p