Monday, December 12, 2011

did i tell you? i made a zine!!

My very first zine, in fact! And I guess it is no surprise that it is all about Yarn Bombing!! :)

I would love to share this basic guide with you, let me know if you would like one posted to you.

knit-a-wish this christmas

I have been working with the City of Subiaco community on the Knit-a-wish project for a few months now. It has been great fun and hugely rewarding to see so many people get involved and create beautiful handmade 'wishes' for celebrating and decorating their community. Three classes at the local primary school joined in, and now finger knitting is the new phase at school! Their front fence is totally and wildly Christmassy too! Here is a little of the journey, and you can see more at the project blog here.