Tuesday, February 14, 2012

knit the beach

Knit the Beach is a community project I have been working on with the City of Stirling for their Summerset Arts Festival.

I was absolutely astounded by the number of knitter and crocheters and beginners who were interested joined in and created the most colourful pieces for the project. Thank you!

Two community workshops were held, and I was unable to facilitate them, as I was in bed sick :( but never fear, the lovely Annie Rawle took over the workshops - thank you Annie! Annie is a super lovely person, and an amazing textile artist. She sells some of her creations here :)

On install day, I headed out to Scarborough Beach, and with the generous help of about 8 committed people, we installed metres of colourful creations!

The amphitheatre where we installed all of the work was the location for a number of Festival shows, with huge crowds getting to experience Knit the Beach! You can see more photos on my facbeook page and on the Knit the Beach tumblr blog.

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