Wednesday, September 29, 2010

so, down at the northbridge piazza . . .

. . . . our yarn bloom is up! after a lengthy install process we have finally completed the largest crochet piece that we have ever done! Thimbles and Soup has been an amazing creative collaborator!! Thank you!!! xxxx

So, here are a whole lot of images, because I couldn't decide on just a few! Thankfully we were able to start the install process at the Propel Youth Arts WA office, just down the road - thank you Propel! The next morning we spent a good 4 hours getting our piece up onto the 8mx8m greenwall. The City of Perth have allowed us to keep our piece up for 2 weeks rather than take it down after the City in Bloom weekend - thanks City of Perth! They also got us onto local TV news, and set up a local street press interview. Overall, a really wonderful project for us.

Now on my mind . . . something exciting for the Beaufort Street Festival! Watch this space . . . .!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

City in Bloom

City in Bloom is nearly upon us!

Thimbles and Soup and I have been very busy bees, crocheting our spectacular yarn installation for the Northbridge Piazza Green Wall!! Now to plan the logistics of installation . . .

There is also one more part of creation, the vines to spell out "bloom where you are planted", which will accompany the large flower - spread out on my lounge room floor, it takes up the whole room! It is so exciting to see our creation coming together!

I think there will weekend picnic-ing at the piazza, to enjoy our installation, and to check out the other artist's pieces. There is a downloadable podcast describing all of the works from 720 ABC Perth radio, which you can listen to while walking the City of Bloom tour!