Friday, September 2, 2011

sold! to the highest bidder

I created a piece of art work the the Colosoul Fundraising Art Auction - an event to raise money for the Burns Unit at Perth local Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. There were over 100 other artists contributing and some really big names! Robert Juniper, John Cartwright and David Giles are a few of my favourite local artists who donated work. There were also some original Dali and Picasso pieces.

I really wasn't expecting that anyone would even bid on my work, but there were 5 bids, and it was sold to the highest bidder!! Yes, my parents bought it :) but there were other bidders, so that is pretty exciting!

The work is titled "Chronic Infalammatory Demyelinating Polyradicular-neuropathy (CIDP) and is based on a very personal journey of mine. Here is a little bit about the piece I created . . . .

‘CIDP’ is a personal, carefully hand-stitched version of the medical paperwork that exists in diagnosis of chronic illness. Information that is churned out of a machine, filed and eventually thrown away, means so much more for a person who has experienced the trauma of a scary, life-threatening illness.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixed Bag (craft nights)

I have been working in the City of Swan community for over 5 years, and are some really inspirational people working on community development and arts initiatives out there. The Midland Junction Arts Centre has recently emerged on the local landscape, and I am really lucky to be starting a craft group - called Mixed Bag - out there next week. I am super excited to meet other crafty people!

Our first session will focus on guerilla yarn crafts - a passion of mine, as you know!! :) I am pretty nervous to see if we will get a good crowd - pass the word on Perth lovelies!

To promote Mixed Bag, I settled into the Chill Zone at Hyper Fest on the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised to meet so many young people who were keen to join in and get crafty!