Sunday, July 25, 2010

am i, like, a REAL artist now?!?!

Since my ANZAC day tag made it into the West, I have been approached by the City of Perth to contribute a piece to the Art in Bloom in the City event in September. Crazy exciting!! I am collaborating with a lovely friend, and crafter/crocheter extraordinaire. You can find her here. The spot where we will be installing our crochet creation in the Greenwall in the Northbridge Piazza. It is a huge, and I mean MASSIVE wall - about 8m x8m we estimate.

So, now is the hard bit - coming up with a concept and design!! Apart from having a floral theme, we have free reign. So many ideas!

I have also been trying something new (well, new to me, having been inspired by many other's creations) - the crochet covered stone. Not really happy with this one, but hey, it's only the first try!

The gumnut hat was a bit of a winner, and I now have a small family of them! It think some Wild Tea Cosies are next!

Friday, July 23, 2010

some winter crochet

Its been getting a little chilly, these Perth mornings! I decided a scarf and beanie were needed. Also a chance to be decadent and make something for myself to wear!

This beanie was inspired by grotworth gumnut head (pictured above and below). Grotworth came to me one day when my car battery was dead (waiting for a jump start), and he decided to take me on a day of adventures! Now we have matching hats!! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

stitched inspiration

I have been drawing some portraits for a while, and stitching them was the next step - thestitched postcard swap inspired me get to and do it! Here are the results. . . .

stitched postcard swap

As I blogged a while ago - I join in the great big stitched postcard swap. Here is what I made, and what I received.

The theme was 'time', which is only loosely linked to my choice of subject. Time is paramount to the creative expression of music - in fact time is the only space is which music/sound can be presented. As I describe on the back of the postcard, I was inspired to creative this particular postcard by a young man I met in hospital, who played the guitar beautifully and wrote some great songs. I drew a picture of his guitar, which became the main design for the postcard.

This is the bountiful bamboo postcard I received in return. It came all the way from 'ranch land' in the US. It has joined the inspiring collection of images that are all around my 'creative station'.