Saturday, April 30, 2011

my muse

did i ever tell you that i have the most delightful pixie (aka, g, my partner of very nearly 7 years) to inspire my creations? well, i do! she makes me laugh, smile, cry, love, and is the most beautiful creature in the world! i photograph her, draw her, sew her, stitch her, get tattoos inspired by her . . . she is my muse.
i love you, g xxxxxxx

a favourite

i often come back to this book, especially when i am day-dreaming and scheming over a new creative project. keri smith never fails to fill my imagination and keep me inspired. thank you keri smith.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

perth gets yarn tagged!

I love that Perth is being taken over by yarn-tags! People are often sending me little messages asking 'was that Captain Plaknit?!' - 'No!' I must reply. I haven't done any tagging for a while, but I am so excited to others delighting our city with wonderful woolly creations! This one is just outside one of my work places.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Craft Night @ Cabin Fever

Have you been to Cabin Fever? It is the totally gorgeous cafe & gallery run by Pigeonhole. You can settle into grandma's lounge chair, hum to the hip tunes, and sip from very pretty vintage tea cups. I felt at home. Captain Plaknit made an appearance at Cabin Fever for a craft night a few weeks ago, to share his wisdom, passion and ideas about yarn-tagging. Those who came along all learned to crochet. It was such a fun evening! Ruth was the most delightful host, and kept us all full of tea, coffee, and yummy treats! The Made on the Left crew were there too, co-hosting the night. Thanks Lauren for taking the snaps! I can't wait for the next craft night! I hope you will join me :)

i am a total greenie!

Apart from the obvious meaning of the title of this blog post - which is mostly true, I try to be green, and look after the planet - I love the colour green. It makes me feel good, passionate, alive, and inspired! Green makes me smile. I think I have a little bit of a crush on green :)

Here are some of the green loves in my life at the moment  . . .

My totally groovy arm-band crochet tool kit was made by the wonderful Dani - yes, in green! Great for keeping two hands free when installing sneaky yarn-tags!! :)

I actually commissioned this bike seat cover, as I had to have a GREEN one! Thank you Granny Funk!

Thanks to the Made on the Left 'get-rid-of-your-stash' market earlier this year, I scored this beautiful hand-dyed mohair from Petrafanella.

And this divine ball of yarn from my dear friend Anne. xx