Thursday, October 28, 2010

all good things must come to an end

After being up in the piazza for nearly a month (it was only supposed to be up for the weekend of City in Bloom!) Thimbles and Soup and I took down our colourful yarn creation. It was sad to have to pull off the lovely vines that had grown through it - I took a few photos on my phone (sorry about the quality!) for posterity.

We have had so many amazing people give us compliments about "Bloom Where You Are Planted" - thank you all. A great surprise the evening we were at the piazza taking down our piece - something to counter our sadness at removing it - we met Petrafanella from Made on the Left!! Wow! What an honour! I have been a fan of the Made on the Left crew ever since I discovered their existence. They have their Christmas Markets coming up soon - I am looking forward to experiencing a fine array of local handmade delectables!