Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guerilla Laneway Exhibition

On Sunday, I was excited to arrive in Perth City to put my yarn-art up alongside other artists at the
Guerilla Laneway Exhibition. It was a wonderful atmosphere where artists could come and install their artwork. Music was playing, people were milling around and taking photos. Passers-by were drawn in to see what was going on and enjoy the diverse range of art inside.

I put up a some granny-flags (a term I have coined for the linking of single granny squares, not used in the creation of a rug), a web with spiderman in the middle (with 'who's YOUR hero?' - my captain plaknit tag line!), and a little line of crocheted scallops near the entrance. I got a huge kick out of seeing one person go up to my crocheted scallops to take a close look and have a feel. Success!!

First city tag

Last Friday, I decided it was time to put up a yarn tag that I have been wanting to put up for ages. It is a sentimental spot for me. In my childhood, it was a place that I spent every Saturday morning with my Dad and little brother - reading and choosing books to take home for the week. Dad always used to take us to a local bakery after our library trip to buy some fresh bread. He often let us sit and have a custard tart too!! Those were the days!

Creative Station

Just thought I would share a little pic of part of my 'creative station', in the study of our house. I am going through a bit of a super hero craze at the moment - as you can see!!

Also, not quite the view from our place, but outside there is a little avenue of jacaranda trees, which have been flowering prolifically, which I love, so thought I would post too.

Over and out, captain plaknit xx

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Captian Plaknit visits the country . . .

Before the silly season rush, my love (GG) and I decided to take a 4 day weekend down south (south west WA). It was way too short, as usual, but my yarn basket came with me, as well as some little labels I created (in a very simple cut and paste way!) for Captain Plaknit. Of course, I had a few spots in mind to leave a colourful yarn tag - one being the gate to a friends property, which I stitched on after a visit and swim in the dam.

We were lucky enough to see a number of beautiful native birds - including mother magpie feeding her baby one evening. Delightful! GG even saw a few bunnies, which excited her greatly!! We have a fantastic view of state forest from our back windows, but after the recent fire scares, a number of controlled burns meant that we looked out onto burnt trees only 3 meters from our back fence this time. I'm sure it won't take long to regenerate!

On our last morning there, I got up at 6am to sneakily (I thought) put up the tag I had crocheted on a street sign. I started to stitch away, with a big cheesy grin, congratulating myself on the perfect fit . . . until what seemed like every mine worker in the town drove past on their way to shift! I just turned my back to the road and kept on stitching!! It only took me 10 minutes, but it felt like forever, with all those people driving past, no doubt thinking 'what on earth is that person doing?!?!'. I took a few pics of my handy-work before we headed back up to Perth. Now for the city tags I have in mind . . . . . *watch this space!*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First ever yarn tag!!!

I have this secret (or not so secret, now . . . . !!) basket of fully and half created yarn tags ready to go, and a few public places in mind. But, just to get my feet wet, so to speak, I decided to put a tag in a friends home for her birthday. I attached it when people were around - no one came to ask what I was up to, thank goodness!! So, here it is. The attached card is an image of an original art work - created by another lovely friend (to give her due credit!).