Saturday, October 22, 2011

my pincushion

Now, I am a little embarrassed to share my pincushion with you all, despite my enjoyment of joining in the My Place and Yours game.  I very rarely use a pincushion, despite being a fairly avid machine sewer, embroiderer and general crafty creator. This one was purchased incredibly cheaply at my local supermarket about 12 months ago. I am not quite sure what possessed me to make this purchase, but there is something about the bright colours and silky touch that drew me in.

Thanks Vic, for helping me share this awkward moment!! I will now go and sticky beak at all of YOUR pincushions, over here ....!

Fill the Frame: Local Art Project

I have been scheming and planning with the crew from Pigeonhole and Cabin Fever. We may have been whispering about fun stuff for the 21 days to yarn bomb in November .... sssh!

But in the meantime, I am super excited to be 'filling a frame' for their local art project. Any up and coming artists are invited to join in. I started on this piece, but am now thinking I need some more 3D crochet action!

stitches and folds

I have just joined the Sketchbook Project again! The theme for my sketchbook is 'stitches and folds'. I am super excited that the 2012 Sketchbook Tour includes Australia! Albeit Melbourne, many miles away on the east coast...

Are you joining in the sketchbook project?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

my place and yours ...

So here is a quickie! I have a whole list of things to blog about, but have been so busy! So, I thought why not just play this game to keep my hand in the blogging game. The lovely Vic from Punky & Me started it, so do pop over to see what is 'on her shelf'. The idea is that at my place, and at your place, we share a little everyday something. Today it is what is 'on  your shelf'. So, with apologies in advance of my dodgy photos (taken on my crappy old phone, because our camera died), here is one of my favourite shelves. This shelf comes with design credit to the lovely G, who has an eye for such things.