Monday, August 29, 2011

stitched postcard swap - August 2011

Yes, the theme was bloom, and I took inspiration from my "Bloom where you are planted" yarn bomb piece. I sent it all the way to Kentucky! To Donnalee.

And I got one in return - from mixed media artist Susan Mulder. She has a blog of her wonderfully interesting art, and a second blog for a project called the Ironing Board Project. I love these sunflowers, and the stitching which brings such texture to the piece. Thank you Susan!

Thank you Beth for another swap project that brings much excitement and joy!


  1. Hello Capt Plaknit!
    Just stumbled across your blog, great to see a Perthite making lovely things! I've seen a bit of guerrilla stitching around Perth, like the bike racks outside the QV1 building, but had no idea who these phantom stitchers were :)

  2. Hi Anne - thanks for your lovely comments! :) Just to clarify - I am not sure who covered the bike racks outside QV1 either, but very glad to see more guerilla yarn installations too!