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Beaufort street festival: Community Yarnbombing Project

Hasn't time come around quickly - it is Beautfort Street Festival time again soon! And another exciting knitting project! This year there is a theme: The Fantastical Bird Park: Beaks on Beaufort. 

Louise Weaver image from here

Some amazing people (I know this because they have all inspired me!) have put together the info/guidelines which I am going to cut and paste in this post - in the hope that many perth knitters/crocheters will get creative and join in! 

Louise Weaver image from here

As well as the creative and talented local artists - Jude, Sandra, Elaine, Wendy - there are a few local businesses that are very generously supporting the project that I would like to acknowledge because they are awesome! They be Behind the Monkey and Bremick Group. If you need supplies/materials to work on your contribution, you could check out what is in store at the local Thread Studio

Here are the details . . . . 

Artist Inspiration:  Louise Weaver (pics above):

Louise Weaver was born in Mansfield, Victoria, in 1966. She has an extensive exhibition history in Australia and overseas and her work is represented in major public and private collections around the world.
Weaver’s alluring anthropomorphic animals are supremely sophisticated creatures with their crocheted, embroidered and sequined pelts and their mysterious masks. “

Local Artist Jude Cornuel has drawn inspiration from Louise Weaver’s work and has begun creating some fantastical birds of her own that she plans to perch on Beaufort.  We would love to draw on Jude’s enthusiasm for Louise’s work and push this theme out into the Festival.

If you would like to participate around the theme, think and imagine –

·      Birds (Lyre, peacocks, swallows, flamingos, little ones, big ones, funky ones, crazy ones, cute ones, dramatic ones……all sorts of ones), birds on sticks, birds in trees, bird on a wire….
·      flowers, trees, vines, butterflies, insects, bees,  (after all they need a gorgeous landing spot & some friends from bird paradise!)
·      nests, eggs, duck feet (why not!?) decorated bird cages/bird houses etc.

and then think also of:

·      a huge stylized installation the size of an largish aviary that looks like a beautiful old fashioned birdcage, decorated of course with SOCK N ROLL* (Recycled socks made into rope)……….housing of course the most treasured birds sitting on their knitted, woven tree with maybe even a neighbourhood knitted cat checking out the whole thing…….
This installation will be installed in the centre of the road at a point to be confirmed in Beaufort St - surrounded by some knitted chairs for bird watchers, listening to tapes of birdsong and possibly some knitted telescopes for the real enthusiasts…

*SockNRoll is an initiative by local Artist Wendy Herington who collects the world’s odd socks and turns them into amazing balls of sock rope, which she then uses in her textile-based art.

So how do we do this?

·      Of course we need you!  In the first hand - To knit, weave, wrap, crochet, collage – as we did last year something of your choice – around the theme if you wish, to install in an area on the street.  Can be up a pole, tucked in a pothole, on a tree, rubbish bin – as before you will just give us an earmark of your proposed spot so we can check it doesn’t interfere with another art project etc. 

Your individual installation can be tiny or large.  Of your choosing.  We would ask that you donate your time and materials (and if you have extras you’re not using – maybe make them available to those who don’t have access to any).   You will be asked to install your own work and also DE install it if necessary
*N.B. We anticipate in a lot of cases the work will be ‘souvenired’ and you may not be able to take it back – so please keep this in mind when planning your piece.

·      In the second hand – we will need an adventurous group to work on the main installation piece.  This will require some people also who might have the skills and means to put together a large-scale cane or wire structure that will form the skeleton of the cage.  So some innovative strong souls with drills would be most appreciated!  Once the base is made then the group would decorate, make and house the cream of our flock.  Materials will be sourced & supplied for the cage structure as a group and decorated with the recycled SOCK N ROLL concept as well as knitting, crochet etc.

Please let us know when you register if you would like to volunteer for this side of the project – or if you would like to volunteer someone else (i.e. husband, lover, friend!).  Wendy can also guide participants in this project on how to recycle and work the socks. No previous experience is necessary!

So please, do get thinking and register straight away your participation details to Sandra Royer – see the details we need from you below.


We have been given an old pinball machine and have had a special request by Bremick Construction (an important participant of the Festival) that it be knitted and displayed on the day. 
It is particularly appropriate as it coincides with the theme of the Festival logo and we would love to do this for them.
Please consider joining this side of the project (as well).


We’ll keep you posted about details regarding installation and de-installation and any other info that might be pertinent as we go along.

If you have any questions please email Sandra on  or ring Elaine on 92277886 and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Yes, please do invite friends that may not have participated last year but have expressed interest.  All welcome. Have them email their details to Sandra.

Please note you do not have to be a formal Artist to participate – the aim of this project is to have fun, create impact and bring the community together on a joint creative endeavor.
Should you wish to install a piece outside the theme this is perfectly ok.

And if you are theming, feel free to ‘play’ with the theme and let your Imaginations extend the concept if you wish.

Got an idea for us to incorporate into this project – do sing out (oh, pardon the pun!)……

Get registered with us as soon as possible and let us know which part(s) of the project you’ll be working on, but if you need some extra time to ‘think up’ your actual idea and position on the street you can send that through separately.


Proposed Project Participation:  *please indicate which you’ll be working on

Proposed Individual Piece - (e.g. Little birds in nest of flowers)

Proposed Location:  (e.g. rubbish bin on cnr. Broome/Beaufort etc.)

2.   Large Birdcage Installation

3. Side Project/Pin Ball Machine

4.  Special requirements:  (do you need any help? If so let us know – special materials you can’t get, help with installation etc. etc.)

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