Monday, March 12, 2012

a new community project

Today I started a new project. I was approached by the team at Town of Kwinana to run a few yarn bombing workshops at their new (and totally awesome!) youth space - the Zone. I had great fun, and met some great fun young people. Everyone learned to finger-knit. I decided to leave a little gift there, to see who notices it before I return next week .... :)

It is actually a granny square made by the delightful Emi!! It got left in Perth with a tub full of yarn (which is also coming in very handy!) I think it looks super here!


  1. hey hey! Have shared on Facebook....

    have you seen these?!/media/set/?set=a.253782948042517.62887.106293212791492&type=3

    Hope you can see them
    PS Please do a knitty rain dance!

  2. thanks sue! i hadn't seen them, but those are amazing yarn bombs! a lot of work has gone into them. i shared it on facebook too :)