Thursday, June 2, 2011

breaking rules

I love to break the rules! I think it is because I was such a goody-two-shoes as a kid and never stepped out of line. I wanted to please people and do the right thing. These days I get a thrill of excitement when I experiment, go a little crazy, and break the rules!

I think that is the reason why I have developed a slight obsession, lately, with Chicks on Speed. Well, my first ever experience of them was about eight or nine years ago - at the Big Day Out - when I stumbled into a dark venue on my own, and there they were - in bright colours, with projections on the walls, using electronic sound equipment I dreamed of. They were awesome! I was a fan instantly! They were not - they are not - just musicians, or visual artists, they cross the boundaries of all cultural genres. The more I find out about them, the more I love them! (I am reading this book of their at the moment :))

One of the things that the Chicks create are objekt instruments. I love this. Especially there textile theremin (their electric guitar high heel shoes are also pretty cool!). I learned about the theremin at uni, studying contemporary music history and composition - whacky, but totally groovy. Not only did they make a theremin, but the 'objekt' that responds to their touch is this great tapestry created by the artists at the Victorian Tapestry Workshop.

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