Sunday, November 28, 2010

Take a Knit down Beaufort Street!

Yesterday, the Beaufort Street Festival went off! What a fantastic combination of music, art, fun, excitement, people, laughs, great food, local shops . . . .

I arrived just after 5am, along with a whole community of local knitters, crocheters, and general yarn-lovers. And boy, did we brighten up the street! There was so much amazing work - I have to say I was totally blown away by the beauty, detail, and ingenuity of creations. And the sheer quantity of yarn tags! I have chosen a few of my favourites, and my completed monster bus stop to share with you. I am so glad I had time to take some photos yesterday morning early, as a trot over to Beaufort Street this morning was a sad sight - so many gorgeous pieces taken! All my monsters gone! I all hope is that they were taken into a home where they will continue to be enjoyed.

I also want to publicly acknowledge Elaine and Brodie from Behind the Monkey, who are on the Beaufort Street Festival committee and instigated the 'Take a Knit Down Beaufort Street' project. They provided the support, organisation, early morning cups of tea, and all round fabulousness!! Thank you Elaine and Brodie. (PS - If you like locally designed jewellry and art, check out the stunning wares at Behind the Monkey!)

The M O N S T E R bus stop!!!

Julie's bodacious bike:

Claire's totally tactile Thistles:

Sandra's detailed and delicate flower trees:

Jude and team's totally and fantastically huge hanging:

Dani and Nadine' spunky and splendid Freedom sign:

Judy's Doggy Poo Pouches - SO cute!:

Petrafanella's awesome Arrows:

Jo's very sweet post-teddy-bears-picnic washing:

Another one of many that I also installed. I like this one, as it shows a little of the great street art that lives on Beaufort Street:

More cleverly crafted creations! Unfortunately I don't know the artists personally to acknowledge them. And let me tell you that this is only a very small selection of the great yarn tagging that was to be seen!


  1. Well done to you and all the knitters. The street looked awesome at the festival with all your wonderful installations.

  2. excellent job. looks great.
    Michelle 'DrStip'

  3. I feel lucky I got to see everything early as well. It must have been sad when a lot of it was gone.
    Your monsters were awesome.
    Everyone did a great job.

  4. thanks all! :) i hope the impetus for yarn tagging and awesome yarn creating keeps up!

  5. HOLY COW that is completely awesome! Your pieces are fantastic and a great addition to an inspirational collective project. Wish I could have seen it all in the flesh!

  6. It all looks so great! mine feels a little silly compared to all the amazing work out there...
    excellent to have been part of this!

  7. No Petrafanella, yours is awesome. They are all awesome. So much fun!
    Great work knit-nuts! :-)

  8. I took a walk down Beaufort St about 6pm on Saturday - it was rocking with people and I was thrilled with the knit art! I noticed, and loved, the monsters on the bus stop! Congratulations to everyone on their hard work - it made the festival unique and much less commercial to my eyes! Sorry to hear some work disappeared - I too hope it went to a good home.

  9. all this feedback is inspiring - thank you! petrafanella - i totally LOVE your arrows, especially as i don't know how to stitch like that.
    it is so great to get so many people contributing such awesome work! :)

  10. That is certainly some sweet yarn action going on there people. Well done.

  11. Wow that's amazing. I saw some of them but I missed lots (attending the festival with small child affects concentration!). Love the monsters especially.

  12. AWESOME collection of photos from an AWESOME project Captain!! THIS is a perfect example of why I think Perth is AMAZING :D
    I'll definitely be keeping up the impetus for creative yarning too!

  13. Perth IS amazing! i am certainly inspired by creative peeps here! :)