Thursday, November 4, 2010

ARTillery Festival

I have supported Amnesty International or many years - I was one of the founding members of my high school Amnesty Club, where we got together once a week to write letters to heads of state/international agencies to petition for human rights, often on behalf of persecuted individuals.

So I was delighted to see the ARTillery Festival (an Amnesty initiative, and youth arts festival) return to Perth this year. I even submitted some examples of work to be an artist at one of the events: masterpeace. I haven't hear the outcome of that yet, but either way, I will be sure to attend the Perth events for the ARTillery Festival. I really appreciate artists having a social conscience in their work, and am trying to involve creative ways to make small acts of social change in my own work. The arts has always provided a social commentary, of sorts, and I hope by using creative projects and art works that we can change people's perceptions, challenge the status quo, and make this world a better place. I have optimism! And festivals like ARTillery are extraordinarily powerful examples of this. Thank you ARTillery xx


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