Sunday, May 30, 2010

five favourites

Today I was inspired by Meet Me at Mikes, so decided I would add five of my current favourites.

1. I don't hide the fact that I have a small obsession with super-heros. I am also a huge fan of Keri Smith, and her blog, Wish Jar. Here are Keri's tips on becoming your own super-hero!

2. A friend, and local artist, Louise Snook taught me how to felt - I love these animals she has created with kids in the community!

3. I just LOVE these hand made beards! I often draw, stick on, masquerade facial hair of my own - these are an inspiration!

4. I work for an amazing organisation called DADAA Inc. I am inspired every day by the people that I work with, and here is an example of some of our work with the community in the Kimberley in north of Western Australia.

*I was hoping to include the video of the Marsh Art project here, but my technical skills fail me! So here is the youtube link:

5. Number 5 is pretty personal, and not something I was sure that I would share on this blog -public 'coming out' is not really my thing. I am gender queer, transgender, trans*, F2M, female to male transexual, tranny boi, gender diverse - there are many terms/labels, and I am not sure which one fits best for me yet. But I am going through a gender transition at the moment (kind of like puberty all over again!), and my last (but not least!) favourite thing is the website Genderfork. The site is an informative and inspiring artful expression of gender diversity. Here is one example that inspires me.

Over and out,

Captain Plaknit xx


  1. Go you! Always be proud of who you are, 'cause you rock!

  2. Oh wow - I didn't know Keri Smith had a blog! I'm a flickr follower but I'm so excited about reading through blog posts, thanks!

  3. i find her blog totally inspirational, and am a little obessed!! i hope you love it too! :)

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  6. My grrl is into Superheroes also - Wonder Woman in particular. Louise is an amazing artist, isn't she? I did a felting course run by her a couple of years ago at the Fremantle Arts Centre and loved it! Tis always good to be yourself.