Thursday, November 8, 2012

YARNS: a community arts project

I am working on a most exciting project with DADAA Inc! To coincide with the Fremantle Festival and the International Arts and Health Conference 2012, we are knitting and crocheting like crazy to yarn-bomb & cover the Fremantle Street Doctor Bus!

Super creative, talented and lovely artist Minaxi May and I are heading up the team of community members to join in. The project is very broadly about using the arts to promote health and wellbeing - making art keeps you healthy!

There is still much knitting and crochet to be done, so please join in! You can join us for FREE workshops (all materials provided) 11am-3pm Wednesday to Sunday at our Knitting Hub, 125 High St Mall, Fremantle. It is a great place to just hang out, have a chat, and make a square. Hope to see you there!


  1. oooo how thrilling, can't wait to hear more

  2. Just finished my first skein! I got 18 granny squares out of it...

  3. thanks sue and cas! more to come soon :) thanks cas, i will be sure to find your squares when we are stitching all the beautiful work together!

  4. Just posted this in the WA board of Ravelry after having a brown paper bag of fun thrust upon me by Robyn at the Wild Poppy today. Why wasn't I told about this sooner?
    Always the Last to Know!