Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

Thank you Sarah London. I have just signed up for the Crochet a Rainbow project. Even though I consider myself a reasonably proficient crocheter, I have not really delved into the granny square making in a big way. I have only ever made a few - never enough to make a rug! So I hope that this project will inspire me to make more. And at least I know that my contribution will assist in a rug being made, for a very good cause. My partner and I have been tearing up and been shocked and scared by seeing the enormity of damage caused by the flooding in Queensland, and it really is special to know that I can help in such a personal and tangible way. Even though the worst of the flooding is over, many people must be without homes, jobs, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, possessions. Sending thoughts, and granny squares. xxxxx

Pop up Market

One week away! I am a new team member of Made on the Left, and am totally excited about the Pop Up Market this coming Saturday at the Perth Cultural Centre Open Day! Who is going to be there? The MOTL crew have listed the very talented local makers and sellers here. Hope to see you there. . .

Friday, January 21, 2011

thank f*** for crochet!!

Two of my dear friends recently gave me this utterly fabulous belated chrissy pressie. I adore it. The phrase coined by one of them in a moment of desperation, and the design screen printed by the other. What lovely and clever friends I have! Hearts to you xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

sketchbook project

A friend (the lovely and talented petrafanella) joined the sketchbook project in December, and I was so excited that I decided to join in too! Since discovering the Art House Co-op website I have been incredibly inspired and visit their site regularly.

I thought I would share a few pics of my contribution to the sketchbook project - the theme for my sketchbook was 'things that changed things'. I decided to create a series of stitched images (using my brand spanking new sewing machine and embroidery foot!), inserted into the moleskine book (a requirement for submissions).

My pieces fit the theme, but are also somewhat autobiographical, depicting some parts of my journey of mental ill health and personal exploration. These things lead to my coming out as transgender - I am now one year into a physical gender transition.

It has been an exciting time trying out my new embroidery foot, and I am keen to practice more - watch this space for bigger and better projects!