Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

Thank you Sarah London. I have just signed up for the Crochet a Rainbow project. Even though I consider myself a reasonably proficient crocheter, I have not really delved into the granny square making in a big way. I have only ever made a few - never enough to make a rug! So I hope that this project will inspire me to make more. And at least I know that my contribution will assist in a rug being made, for a very good cause. My partner and I have been tearing up and been shocked and scared by seeing the enormity of damage caused by the flooding in Queensland, and it really is special to know that I can help in such a personal and tangible way. Even though the worst of the flooding is over, many people must be without homes, jobs, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, possessions. Sending thoughts, and granny squares. xxxxx


  1. I have just taught myself to do Granny Squares. Having always been a knitter I find crochet weird but fun. I must check out this rainbow crochet I'm glad you found the nomination thing I sent a while ago. You reminded me that I never finished contacting all the people on my list. Being new to blogging I started to think maybe I was doing the wrong thing. I should finish my list! I really like seeing your posts on yarn tags and the installations you do. Very inspiring.

  2. Thanks so much! Even though I have been blogging for a while, I am still not really up with all the etiquette, and checking all my comments, etc all the time. But I have made it a new years resolution to try to better with my blogging, so hopefully I will be posting more often, and better at commenting too! :) Good luck with your granny squares! I think they are great fun to make!