Saturday, October 22, 2011

my pincushion

Now, I am a little embarrassed to share my pincushion with you all, despite my enjoyment of joining in the My Place and Yours game.  I very rarely use a pincushion, despite being a fairly avid machine sewer, embroiderer and general crafty creator. This one was purchased incredibly cheaply at my local supermarket about 12 months ago. I am not quite sure what possessed me to make this purchase, but there is something about the bright colours and silky touch that drew me in.

Thanks Vic, for helping me share this awkward moment!! I will now go and sticky beak at all of YOUR pincushions, over here ....!


  1. Very cute, hope I'm not being rude but first glance it looked like a bug on it's back!

  2. It's little Chinese children holding the world I think. We had a pin-cushion swap last year at the Down To Earth forums and I was particularly enamoured of this link at the time....

    They're from a book, "Pretty Little Pincushions" although pretty might be stretching it a bit!


  3. you made me look again jackie - just to check! haha! and thanks for the link sue. the eye ball is not the first thing i think of for a pincushion design, that' for sure! :)

  4. Aw damn it! I was sure I'd commented here already... my ipod must be having ishoos.

    What I WANTED to say was that I am surprised (& Impressed) that your supermarket had something other than those tomato ones in the first place!

    Thanks for playing & being so honest Ms!

  5. Thanks to you Vic, for the super fun game! i am really enjoying being part of it and it has reinvigorated me to get blogging!

    And I don't think I have ever seen a tomato pincushion at the supermarket (maybe an east/west thing?!?).

  6. Wowa. What a strange looking pincushion. Are they babies holding hands around the edges. Bizzare. I can totally see why you'd be sucked in to buy it. Funny. In a good way.

  7. sally - they are actually asian people, which i often think is a little un-PC, but the bright colours still make me smile :)