Friday, September 2, 2011

sold! to the highest bidder

I created a piece of art work the the Colosoul Fundraising Art Auction - an event to raise money for the Burns Unit at Perth local Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. There were over 100 other artists contributing and some really big names! Robert Juniper, John Cartwright and David Giles are a few of my favourite local artists who donated work. There were also some original Dali and Picasso pieces.

I really wasn't expecting that anyone would even bid on my work, but there were 5 bids, and it was sold to the highest bidder!! Yes, my parents bought it :) but there were other bidders, so that is pretty exciting!

The work is titled "Chronic Infalammatory Demyelinating Polyradicular-neuropathy (CIDP) and is based on a very personal journey of mine. Here is a little bit about the piece I created . . . .

‘CIDP’ is a personal, carefully hand-stitched version of the medical paperwork that exists in diagnosis of chronic illness. Information that is churned out of a machine, filed and eventually thrown away, means so much more for a person who has experienced the trauma of a scary, life-threatening illness.


  1. Wow! How exciting...congratulations on the other bidders! Your work has a very interesting background story too - it obviously spoke to people on many levels.

  2. Congratulations! Well done and thank you for your generosity.

  3. Thanks Robyn! Just had a peek at all of your gorgeous yarn tags! LOVE them! :)

  4. I just found you through the Aussie yarn-bombing site...will be watching with interest ;)

  5. thanks sue :) lovely to 'meet' you on the i-waves!

  6. hallo again....I blogged today about this lovely work on the corner of Wray Ave and Sth you know the creator/s of this?