Friday, July 29, 2011

Sir Sigmund Seabeard

I have mentioned before this fabulous new canteen and bar in Perth - Bivouac. They are located very conveniently right around the corner from one of my work places, Propel Youth Arts WA - great for the morning earl grey tea or a lunch meeting!

I have completed my beareded custodian, and it is hanging! You can read more about Amanda and Anthony's concept of the bearded custodians here. They are on the look out for more artists to take on the challenge to create their own - are you up for it?!

Bivouac have included an interview with me on their blog about Sir Sigmund Seabeard, if you fancy a read.  Another fantastic beard was created by Rose Skinner, whose work I have admired for along time. The third beard is a turf beard, imagined and produced by the owners of Bivouac, Amanda and Anthony.

I hope you get a change to drop by for a coffee, or some of their delicious tapas, pizzas, or bouzy breakfasts!


  1. Beards! Oh that looks like my kind of place, won't be popping in anytime soon though, sadly! Love your piece, love all of them!

  2. thanks so much vic! :) it is pretty exciting to have a piece in such an awesome venue