Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh! the excitement of a new hat!

Well, I do love a surprise in the mail. . . and today I came home to a most delightful parcel on my doorstep!! I have long admired the work of one mister Benjamin Krudwig. His stunning geometric (and sometimes fun!) designs, and his amazing craftsmanship. He also happens to be a totally awesome up and coming artiste! This tapestry crochet technique still alludes me!! But, it sure looks pretty darn groovy on my nogin! Thanks Benji! :)


  1. I love his last name; Krudwig - he sounds like a mysterious Belgian aristocrat!

    Your new hat suits you... what is on your chair though? Do you have a furry lounge?! I want!

  2. thanks vic! :) it is a very comfy furry (synthetic, of course, not the real thing!) rug over an old, dodgy sofa!

    and i love the the thought that my hat was created by a mysterious Belgian aristocrat! how exciting!

  3. ...with a monocle, I think. ;)

  4. haha! yes - for sure! i can just just picture it . . . !