Sunday, March 6, 2011

Melville Sculpture Walk

creating taking place

I have been collaborating with the lovely Peta to create a 3-piece sculpture for the Melville Sculpture Walk - it launches next week! It has been a totally inspiring journey, spending time together with a like-minded artist -  creating, talking, dreaming, questioning, conspiring, laughing, and just having fun! And yes, tea and cake have been involved! 

I have lots of process pics to share! I will post more about our concept with the final, installed pieces, but we are creating 3 cocoon-like sculptures which represent "think", "listen", and "lean". 

Here is "learn" - we both love the playfulness and bright colours of this piece.

This one is "think', and is more delicate than the others.

Here is "listen" which uses neutral tones and will have hanging shells inside - put one up to your ear . . . . 

We have a 3 year old apprentice who created this piece! We all got stickers for our good work. 


  1. Hooray!! How exciting!! We have nearly done it!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see it...the sneak preview looks amazing! Well done!

  3. yay! thanks! finally complete and installed! very exciting! :)

  4. Ooooooh...can't wait! Also, I'm smiling about the three year old apprentice! Cute!!

  5. peta's little one is just a delight, and a creative soul too! i will post some pics of the final installed pieces soon . . . watch this space! :)