Saturday, July 17, 2010

stitched inspiration

I have been drawing some portraits for a while, and stitching them was the next step - thestitched postcard swap inspired me get to and do it! Here are the results. . . .


  1. these are very cool and something that i too have been playing with in a different kind of way.... just stiching card :)

    i'm local and have also been doing a bit of street yarning myself.... who knows maybe we could play together one time.

    take care and keep on creating beautiful stuff
    best wishes

  2. thanks so much robyn! if you are keen to get involved with some local yarn tagging - there is a festival in highgate coming up that you might want to be part of - i will put up details on the blog shortly! :)

  3. Hey Cap-tin! I really like your fabric faces, love the colors. I am a color nut myself. I like that you showed your drawing and the fabric piece. I love it when artists show their process. I also enjoy the fact that you work in yarn, rocks, metal etc. etc.
    Fear No Color! Rox

  4. Love the faces!! I'm doing some faces at the moment in different applique styles for my textile arts course.