Saturday, April 24, 2010

anzac day

I am a pacifist, and the idea of war hurts me deeply. ANZAC day has always been important to my family because my Pop (my Dad's Dad) was a prisoner of war in WW2, and my Dad was conscripted to go to Vietnam. Although neither of them were on the front line, and they came home safely, their experience of war, and the trauma they witnessed is clearly visible. I almost don't remember a day that I saw my Pop, when he didn't recount a story from his war days and cry - it was heartbreaking. My Dad almost never speaks about his time in Vietnam, but I know it haunts him and has impacted on his life.

I can't comprehend what motivates a person to join the armed forces, and I certainly don't like to glorify or celebrate war or violence. For these reasons I find ANZAC day a very emotional day, and my heart goes out to those whose lives were lost (and their surviving family). At the same time, I can't condone ANZAC day, and the messages about war that surround this 'holiday'.

So - I thought I would crochet a sign of peace with my usual Captain Plaknit motto 'who's YOUR hero?' for the day. It is the first time I have included a serious political message in my work, and I hope it inspires some thought in those who come across it today.


  1. it has inspired me! I loved it and love your blog. keep up the awesome work
    - gracie

  2. congrats on your pic in the paper today....are you a member of Ravelry perhaps? if not, please join and then join the West Australian group.
    michelle aka drstip

  3. Spotted int st georges tce: