Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guerilla Laneway Exhibition

On Sunday, I was excited to arrive in Perth City to put my yarn-art up alongside other artists at the
Guerilla Laneway Exhibition. It was a wonderful atmosphere where artists could come and install their artwork. Music was playing, people were milling around and taking photos. Passers-by were drawn in to see what was going on and enjoy the diverse range of art inside.

I put up a some granny-flags (a term I have coined for the linking of single granny squares, not used in the creation of a rug), a web with spiderman in the middle (with 'who's YOUR hero?' - my captain plaknit tag line!), and a little line of crocheted scallops near the entrance. I got a huge kick out of seeing one person go up to my crocheted scallops to take a close look and have a feel. Success!!


  1. Love your spiderweb :)
    what a great venue.

  2. thank you! it was a great venue and a great day! i must post the time-lapse film that was produced for the event.